Below are some helpful tips an hints for completing your instant check stub form online.

Pay Schedule

Daily: Everyday
Weekly: Every Thursday
Bi-weekly: Every Other Thursday
Semi-Monthly: 1st and 15th
Monthly: Once a Month
Quarterly: Once Every 3 Months
Semi-Annually: Once Every 6 months Annually: Once a Year

Contractor Vs Employee

When filling out your check stub you will realize there is a difference between writing out a check stub for an employee compared to a contractor. The obvious difference is there is no deductions on the check stub when you choose contractor. This is not an error and the explanation is simple. Contractors are called upon to provide a service for a business. This service can range from plumbing, installations, repairs, and even education. These contractors are not part of the business and therefore are not on the businesses payroll. Whereas an employee of a business is on payroll as its duties differ from a contractor.

Check Stub Calculator

Make sure to use our check stub calculator, it is automatically on and it is the best way to get an accurate check stub. We have the latest software for all states regarding Federal and state taxes and all other deductions. With the auto calculator the hard part is already done for you.  Now only does it filter your deductions but it also filters your wages for both an hourly pay rate along with salary. Whether you get paid weekly, or bi-weekly the auto calculator generates the right information for you to have the perfect check stub.