Many factors influence the success of any business, but productivity is arguably the most important one. How your employees perform can be directly correlated with certain underlying issues that you may not be aware of. If you are concerned about employee productivity problems, it is imperative as an employer to understand the “why” and “how”.

Why is employee productivity low? How can you improve upon it? These two key questions need to be addressed directly if you wish to revitalize employee productivity. Typically, the same types of issues can be responsible for the drop in productivity and could very well be the culprit for your business.

Continue reading to learn more about the “why” and “how” of employee productivity.

Make Sure Tasks Are Properly Delegated

Not delegating tasks properly can dampen an individual’s productivity by either not giving them enough responsibility or too many tasks.

Not assigning them enough responsibility can express a lack of faith in the individual. Ultimately, this can make the employee underperform, or lose productivity because if only the bare minimum is expected of them that is what the employer will get. Speak with the employee and offer more opportunities like organizing presentations, certification courses, or overseeing generating paystubs.

Over-assigning tasks in a short period of time can cause a feeling of being overwhelmed. This can lead to a dropping rate of employee productivity, missed deadlines, and poor employee retention.

How to tell if tasks are properly delegated:

  • The quality of the result
  • Punctuality of the assignment
  • The desired outcome is or is not met
  • The employee’s reaction/engagement

Delegating tasks respectively should keep productivity at the desired rate and give your employees a sense of appreciation.

Give Your Employees a Voice

Employees love to be heard. Sure, not every idea is a slam dunk, but simply just by considering it shows that you’re willing to listen. With only a little less than half of the United States workforce (49%) being satisfied with their job, an employer needs to do everything in their power to see that number not apply to them.

Be open to constructive criticism. There could be the occasional great idea that could save you both time and money. For example, if an employee’s responsibility is to generate check stubs and they suggest using an online check stub generator instead of tedious manual creation, they would be correct in doing so. By taking into consideration your employee’s opinion on the matter, you gain an additional perspective on something that you may not have thought of yourself.

The more you listen to your employees and reward them for great ideas, the more they will want to contribute, boosting productivity.

Offer the Possibility of Progression

The pathway to career progression needs to be open by implementing performance-based raises and promotions. Employers sometimes get stuck in the mindset that a pizza party or movie tickets will be enough to keep productivity high…although you can maybe see results, they are often very temporary and short-term.

Offering true career advancements based on performance is truly the best productivity influencer. The ability to provide for loved ones is more times than not the core motivation behind productivity. According to a study conducted by Harvard Business School, rewarding great work ethic with financial improvements increased productivity by as much as 20%.

Provide the Ability to Succeed

Making areas of the job easier for your employees should not be considered lazy, it should be considered efficient. Would you rather have someone work on a task for 20 minutes or do that same task in 1 minute? That’s called efficiency.

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