Since your gross monthly income includes all payments that are due to you, it should be considered a priority to understand the factors that go into determining the value before deductions. Being familiar with the process will ensure that you are accurately keeping track of your gross income and your net income.

Incorrectly tracking gross income will lead to mistakes in calculating the taxes due and net income paid. Check Stub Maker has the tools to provide you with a 100% accurate and intuitive check stub generator. Seamlessly manage your gross income and tax deductions so you no longer have to worry if the information on your paystub is error-free.

Continue reading below to learn more about what factors go into calculating gross monthly income.

Your Core Way of Earning Money

It should not come as a surprise, but the number one factor in calculating your gross monthly income is simply knowing your base salary or wages for the job you have. Whether your wages are paid to you weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month, it is important to understand your average gross income so you can tell if any errors were made on your check stub.

To put it simply, your starting salary is your yearly gross income before any deductions are made.

Any Additional Forms of Compensation from Work

Any additional compensation like overtime, bonuses, or anything else needs to be included when calculating your gross income as those wages are taxable as well. Even when overtime compensation laws vary from state to state, it is still a good idea to include it in your gross income for your own tracking benefits.

Earnings From Multiple Jobs

If you’re a part of the nearly 5% of the population that works multiple jobs, you should not keep track of gross earnings separately. Combine the two or more totals to calculate the total monthly and yearly gross income. It will bring a little ease your way come tax season by having all your information readily available.

Advice for the Self-Employed

Income from business revenue is usually for those people who are self-employed and have their own business. All profit from said business needs to be accounted for and incorporated into the monthly gross income earnings of the self-employed. Using an online paystub generator greatly assists you to calculate all forms of income and tax deductions.

If You Rent Out Properties

Being a landlord can be lucrative and it is imperative that you accurately keep track of all earnings made. That includes all checks your tenants write to you every month for rent. That is a direct factor that goes into determining your monthly gross income in addition to any form of wages from employment.