Not to discredit the hard work you already accomplish, but ask yourself, “can I work a little harder?” If the answer is anywhere near the area of yes, then good for you. Everybody has that extra push in them to make them as successful as possible.

It can sometimes be viewed as unfair when expected to perform at such a high level, but you should view it as a compliment. That means they view you as a capable employee. If you’ve been at a company for years and they are not giving you more responsibilities, that shows what they expect from you.

Rise above average. Be your best and work hard and you will see changes at your job. The following are 5 inspirational reasons why we can all work a little harder.

Development of Your Career

Working hard helps you develop skills and talents that make you an asset in your field. Idling on that line of averageness will not develop your career because you show no drive to excel. Hard work will result in promotions, raises, and more responsibilities, which is fantastic if starting a family.


In this economy, jobs can sometimes appear and disappear at a moment’s notice. When you work hard and it is noticed, you are ensuring that if layoffs happen, you’re safer than your coworker who never went above and beyond.

Earning Respect

Completing work in an efficient and timely manner while giving it your 100% effort will catch the eyes of your upper management team. Workers often think that their efforts go unnoticed, but it’s usually the opposite. Hard work stands out from a sea of mediocrity. When you prove that you work hard you will earn the respect of management (which can put you in line for promotions).


Being good at something always makes you feel good about yourself. Work is no different. When you know you worked hard, you have that satisfying feeling of accomplishment that no one can take away.

Grand Achievement

When you inevitably get a promotion, you know you can look back and credit your hard work. This is called a “Grand Achievement” because that specific emotion is so tremendous it needs a label. You’ll notice the numbers on your online generated check stub begin to increase more and more once you see this accomplishment.

In the spirit of this blog, one extra reason will be discussed, since everyone can put in a little more hard work.

Think of Your Family

When you start to get frustrated or nervous about your hard work, take a moment to reflect on why you’re working hard. The ultimate goal for the majority of employees is to provide the best life possible for their families. If you stay focused and continue to work hard then find comfort in knowing that you’re doing everything possible to ensure the well-being of your family.

Hard work pays off.