Tax season is upon us once again and it is always a good reminder to make sure that all of the financial information being submitted to the IRS is accurate. Audits are more common than you would imagine due to the high level of inaccuracies when filing taxes. In most areas of life, mistakes can be forgiven…but not with the IRS.

It is reported that last year alone, they audited over 626,000 tax returns. Being audited is a serious problem that can lead to some hefty tax bills so it is imperative that you avoid it like the plague.

To successfully avoid an audit, you need to ensure that all your financial reporting is 100% correct. Here at Check Stub Maker, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the #1 online paystub generator that seamlessly calculates the information you’ll need to submit to the IRS.

Continue reading to learn how our check stub generator can help you this tax season.

3 Ways Our Paystub Generator Will Help

We developed our system from our many years of experience with the paystub generation process to make it as easy and beneficial as possible for our customers. We’ve broke it down into three main reasons why our check stub calculator will help:

ALWAYS ACCURATE TAX CALCULATIONS – With always being up to date on tax codes, check stub deductions are always accurate. Calculating taxes by yourself can be difficult and dangerous. If a figure is wrongly calculated, it can provide misinformation to the Internal Revenue Service. Our check stub generator calculates your taxes, deductions, and net pay correctly 100% of the time.

NO SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED – With not requiring a subscription, you can seamlessly generate paystubs anytime you need them with no restrictions. No monthly costs and fees, simply pay as you go.

PRIVACY, PRIVACY, PRIVACY – We are proud to have the technology to properly secure your data so that your information stays the way it should be, private.

Here’s How You Can Get Started

To make a paystub is as simple as following four simple steps. In a minute or less, you will have your generated paystub ready to print.

  1. Enter your information – The check stub template requires very basic bits of information that are more than likely readily available to you. Simply fill in the boxes and it gets instantly uploaded to the template.
  2. Preview your check stub – Once the information has been entered, you can preview your check stub. You’ll notice that all state-specific tax deductions have been instantly calculated for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  3. Complete your order – After previewing and confirming your check stub, it’s time to confirm your order. Important to note, if you notice a mistake on your check stub(s) after completing your order, simply email us and we can correct it for you.
  4. Time to print – Your order of check stubs is instantly emailed to you and are all in an easy-to-print format that can work with any printer.

Avoid the audit. Utilize our Check Stub Maker calculator and keep the IRS off your back. The #1 online check stub maker is right for you. Try it out today.