Check Stub Maker Makes the Season BrightAmid the lights and sounds of the Holidays, your mind might be going out to your employees. Who doesn’t like a Christmas bonus? With Check Stub Maker, you can generate professional check stubs online, instantly. Our automated calculation generator, tracks taxes and makes deductions a breeze. If you add in a Christmas bonus, you won’t have to worry about tracking taxes and other deduction because our system will do it for you. With Check Stub Maker on your side, you save hours of your precious time and get back to enjoying the holidays.

We Do the Work for You

From retirement and taxes to social security and Medicare, there are a lot of different taxes deductions out there. While trying to calculate and keep track of different rates, you might feel overwhelmed. You don’t need a degree in accounting to keep up; all you need is Check Stub Maker. Once you have created your check stub template, our online services do everything else. You can print and email easy to read check stubs to your employees without using an expensive payroll service. Here are the deductions we track to make your life easier:

  • Federal Income Tax: This is the tax held out of each paycheck by the IRS. The number of dependents and withholdings can alter this amount. Our system is always up to date and accurate.
  • State Income Tax: Each state has a different rate. Our user interface keeps track of everything so you don’t have to.
  • Local Taxes: Cities and counties can charge taxes. Some areas have them, while others do not. Our user friendly system knows the taxes you will need to pay depending on the area.
  • Social Security Taxes: Everyone pays them. The rates and amount change as fast as the Legislature. Paycheck Stub will always have the most current information and adjust every paycheck accordingly.
  • Medicare Taxes: Lately, the rate has been 1.45%. If there are alterations to the rate, our system will know and automatically make adjustments.
  • Retirement: If you are giving your employees a 401k or other retirement vehicle, our system will make the necessary reductions and calculate the adjustments to taxes, pay and social security.

Check Stub Maker

Save yourself time and headache, with Check Stub Maker. We are serious about security and have installed a variety of security features to protect you the private information of you and your employees. What are you waiting for, go online, create your template in seconds and then email or print your paystubs. We make payroll easy.