Mistakes happen but the last place you want mistakes to occur is on a paystub or paycheck. Check Stub Maker wants to help you  identify the areas on the paystub where mistakes are most common. If you know where to look, you will be prepared to catch any mistake before it costs you money or your valuable time. In addition, if you want to save a load of time with payroll services, Check Stub Maker provides an online pay stub maker that tracks taxes and deductions. With pay stub maker, you will be able to have paystubs calculated and emailed. We make payroll a breeze.

Pay Stub Detective

Before you begin to worry that you will need to become a detective to find mistakes on the paystub, you need to know that it is easy. All you need to do is pay attention to the paystub and make certain that everything is how it should be. Here are a few simple things that you can check on your paystub.

  • Total Hours Worked: Whether the pay stub is for hourly or salary pay, you need to get into the habit of checking the total hours. You would be surprised at how often there are mistakes on the total hours of work. If you take a few seconds to check the total hours worked, you can ensure that the amount of the paycheck itself is correct (no payment of any money is missing).
  • Paid Time Off: Whether there is paid time off, vacation time, or sick leave, make certain to check your totals. Keep a running tally and compare that to the paystub. If you are an employee and you see any errors contact your HR representative. If you have good records, you can advise them to make the appropriate correction.
  • Taxes: If your company doesn’t calculate the taxes right, guess what, the IRS won’t be going after just them, they will be going after you too. When you get you paystub either by email or regular mail, make certain to open the letter and check the numbers. Sometimes, payroll services forget about local taxes and county taxes. That is one of the reasons Check Stub Maker created our online pay stub maker. We track the taxes and our paystub calculator is regularly updated to keep track of any taxation changes.
  • Information: It might sound trivial to double check the name, address, social security and tax ID number, but here again is a common place for mistakes. You should definitely double check the social security number because you are going to want to be able to claim your social security benefits when you retire. If the number on your paycheck is wrong, you will be missing out on that benefit.Deductions: If there is investment in a 401k, pension plan, or IRA double checking the deductions on the paystub can save you a lot of grief. Make certain that any deductions  out of the paycheck is set at the right amount, especially if there is a retirement plan payment match.