It is not uncommon to feel confused when reading your check stub. All the different sections, abbreviations, and numbers can make anyone feel overwhelmed. However, it is not too difficult of a skill to develop if you simply have a guide to reference.

This blog post will help you learn exactly what everything means on any given paycheck. Whether you have already received a check stub or are planning to use our paystub generator, this guide can be used for it all.

The Top of the Paystub

Your eyes will naturally look at the header of your check stub first. There you will find important information that you should always double-check to see if it is correct. At the header, you should verify the following information is correct:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Employer name & address
  • Pay period
  • Social Security number

If there are any errors, you need to immediately inform payroll or management to rectify the problem.

Pay & Deductions

You’ll notice that on your generated check stub that there is quite a bit going on. The numbers on your paystub represent what you’re earning and what is being deducted or taken away. Some employers choose to only include the most pertinent information while some detail more items. The most common items listed on your check stub are:

Gross Pay – Total earnings before any taxes or deductions are taken out.

Net Pay – Total earnings after taxes and deductions are taken out.

Tax Amount – This will include Federal, State, and local tax deductions that get taken out of your Gross Pay.

Social Security – A percentage of tax that goes toward funding your retirement benefits.

Medicare – Helps fund health benefits by contributing to it through a tax percentage.

Year-to-Date – This keeps track of your total earnings for the year so far. It can be both Gross Year-to-Date and Net Year-to-Date so you can easily manage your finances.

Specific Abbreviations That You Might Not Be Familiar with

Sometimes on paystubs, there are abbreviations and shortened words that might require a quick Google search to discover their meaning. We’ve compiled a list so you don’t have to scramble to search for an answer. These abbreviations could be found on your generated check stub:

  • YTD – Year to Date
  • Hol – Holiday Pay
  • Sick – Paid Sick Leave
  • BRVMT – Bereavement
  • PTO – Paid Time Off
  • CNT – Contract Pay
  • Misc – Miscellaneous Pay

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