Running a business in today’s world mean you have to be a master of all trades. Not only is your time spent on inventories, personnel issues, training, job oversite, production, quality control, you name it. Why not make it easier on yourself. You already have enough to keep yourself busy and you are probably paying way too much on payroll services. You can make your business life a while lot simpler with the check sub generator from Check Stub Maker.

We Make the Calculations Easy

Have you ever sat down and tried to calculate the taxes on an average paycheck? You’ve got federal taxes, state taxes, local taxes, social security, Medicare, insurance, and retirement. If that wasn’t enough, the taxes are not the same for every area. Even if you find out the right rates, you can trust your state representatives to change tax amounts. Keeping currant with tax laws and paycheck deductions is often more than the aver person wants to handle. That is where we come in. Our Check stub generator is able to calculate the taxes, the deductions, and anything else you need. It’s easy, all you have to do is enter in the information, and our system does the rest. With Check Stub Maker, you will spend less time in payroll, so you can run your business.

We are Serious about Security

If you are worried that our super convenient check stub generating system won’t have the security you need, think again. The first thing you will notice about Check Stub Maker is the https at the beginning of our web address. If you have ever wondered what that stands for it is; Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. Notice that the S stands for secure. That means that all of the data that comes to us from you is encrypted. This is an extra layer of security when you use Check Stub Maker. Second, payments are made using Stripe. Payments made over Stripe are certified to a PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the most stringent level of certification available for your transactions. The privacy of you and your employee’s personal information is important to us and we make certain that you are safe with Check Stub Maker.