How to Keep Your Employees’ Morale High With 5 Simple Tricks

The efficiency of any business can fall onto the shoulders of the employees. When the weight becomes too much, morale can slip through the cracks. This inevitably leads to a decrease in motivation, thus leading to a deflated morale as efficiency dwindles. An attentive upper-management team can become aware of this and rectify the low-morale by practicing these five simple strategies on a day-to-day basis:

Recognize Good Work When You See It

A simple “great job” to an employee’s assignment or task can go a long way. Just as constructive criticism and general discussions are important to improve a project’s final result, positive feedback can be instrumental to motivating an employee. When they feel recognized for their effort, it will only increase morale. A management team that tends to only point out mistakes will inevitably lower morale.

If said employee continues to excel at their work, provide opportunities for them to grow by offering new or more advanced tasks. By doing so, you are showing them that the company believes they have the capability to become more involved with projects, suggesting a possible raise in the near future.

Communication is Key

It is sort of a cliché in the world of business that communication is key, but it can not be repeated enough. Often, when tasks are not explained or delegated effectively, that is when mistakes tend to happen. When mistakes happen, employees or employers can be unfairly blamed which can have consequences. Not to mention waste precious time and money.

Good Communication + High Morale = High Efficiency

Utilize Incentives & Bonuses

This is a simple trick and is actually more cost effective than you would think. When your company has an incentive program, it can motivate your employees by feeling motivated to accrue enough reward points to earn the incentive. Essentially, it increases work motivation by encouraging friendly work competition…as long as the prize isn’t too substantial. A prize too grand could breed an unhealthy over-competitive work environment.

A simple employee of the month program can go a long way to increase morale by making the reward as simple as a gift card, front row parking spot, lunch party, etc.

Showing your employees value and appreciation can not only improve morale but can save the company money as well. Studies have shown that low morale is directly correlated with low employee retention rates. Training new employees takes time and money that could have been saved if an employer shared the occasional recognition of hard work.

Ensure Your Employees Have the Tools They Need to Succeed

Companies can sometimes be hesitant to upgrade software, equipment, tools, machines, etc., because of the total cost. However, looking at it as a cost instead of an investment is a mistake. As an employer, it is crucial to provide the necessary means of production to your employees for them to be efficient. Technology is evolving every year; it’s getting quicker, more intuitive, and more cost-effective as ever.

Don’t let your employees fall behind because old technology is causing them to get stuck in the mud. Invest in upgrades to allow them to be as successful as possible and they will see you care about their needs.

Never Miss a Pay Day

Employees plan their lives around this day that can either come weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. If a check is inaccurate or bounced, the employee will not be pleased as there can be potential consequences. If a check bounces, an individual could be spending money they thought was in their bank account only to find out they are now over-drawn. Or, if a check has calculated the wrong information or tax deductions, that can mean trouble with the IRS come tax season.

A good strategy to utilize is to find a pay stub calculator you can trust. One that instantaneously calculates all tax codes for all 50 states in the United States. Check Stub Maker can make sure your employees’ morale are never affected by tax deduction errors on their pay stubs. Discover the ease of our check stub generator.


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