Our Check Stub Template Will Fit Your NeedsWhen it comes to running a business, it is all about time. You will feel like you are pulled in a lot of different directions. Depending on your business, you will need to spend time ordering supplies, going through your inventory, working with customers, training employees, and then there is payroll. For many small business owners, payroll is something they dread every single pay period. While we might not be able to help save you time in the other aspects of your business, we can definitely help you cut down on the time it takes for you to create check stubs. When you use Check Stub Maker, you can create check stubs in record time and then use that saved time to run your business, or even spend time with family and friends. Our easy to use templates will get you started off right.

The Templates

The first thing you will notice about our check stub template is that they are simple and easy to use. All you need to do is fill in the information. Each block of information needed is clearly noted, so you won’t have to worry about confusing details. We make it easy to build your own check stubs. You can even select if you are paying an employee or a contractor. This feature gives you an additional layer of customization. Using our revolutionary software, you can create professional check stubs in moments. To make it even more customizable, you can upload your company logo or background images to your check stubs.

The Calculator

Our check stub template comes with an auto calculator. We track the taxes, social security, and other deductions. If you have employees that live in different states, you don’t have to worry about knowing all those different tax rates. Our system is regularly updated to reflect the current rates for federal, state, and local taxes. You enter in the hours worked and the dollar per hour rate and our auto calculator goes to work. You will be able to see the numbers auto calculate. If you have other deductions, such as retirement or insurance, you will be able to incorporate them into the template as well. Our check stub template will fit your needs, while our auto calculator takes the headache out of payroll. You will be amazed as how quickly you can complete your new check stubs.

The Security

When you create your check stubs online with Check Stub Maker, you know that your information is safe. We use the most comprehensive online security features to protect you and your employee’s information. In addition, our servers are wiped clean each night so all the data is erased. The check stub template you create is saved to your computer. This added feature is an additional layer of protection. Since we don’t store the information on our servers, we avoid the massive data breaches you hear about in the news. In addition to online safety, since you can now email our paystubs to your employees you will be eliminating any risk of physical mail box theft. You employees will thank you for working to protect their private information.

Check Stub Maker

We are dedicated to transforming your check stub making experience. Our auto calculator and check stub template were created to help you save your valuable time and money. You don’t have to purchase expensive software to create professional check stubs. All you need to do is use Check Stub Maker for all your check stub needs. With Check Stub Maker, making professional online check stubs is quick and simple.