Small Business Payroll StubsSmall business owners are no strangers to paperwork. Sometimes the mountain of administrative filing seems overwhelming and stressful, especially since all these papers must be handled meticulously as mistakes or disorganization within the business realm can prove to be costly. Completing payroll stubs within your small business is another essential task. You and your staff need documentation proving they were paid by your business. Anytime money is paid from your company to a person providing work, a payroll stub should be provided. Not only is it handy for the employee and their records, it is imperative for your business to have this documentation. Filing and keeping track of all incoming and outgoing money keeps your business organized and helps tax time to go smoother. Providing an easy-to-read check stub shows that you are a competent, professional business owner and goes a long way to the trust people feel in your company.

Check Stub Maker for the difficult calculations

Small business payroll stubs are not only the amount paid to the employee, they also show documentation of all taxes, insurance, 401K and other exemptions withdrawn from the employee’s paycheck. Fiddling with these numbers and exemptions every payday can be a pain in the neck. Not only do these calculation have to be correct and exact each and every time, doing it correctly with no mistakes is crucial as errors in this area can be costly. Check Stub Maker provides you with easy templates to help your payroll stubs be completed correctly every time. Here are a few more things Check Stub Maker helps you accomplish:

  • Staying organized digitally: Dealing with stacks of papers can be a mess. Keeping a digital copy of all of your small business payroll stubs will help you monitor the progress of your business as well as track your tax deductible business expenses.
  • Assist you during tax time: Tax season for a small business can be a stressful time but if you are organized, it does not have to be. Handing over all the payroll stubs and carefully organized business expenses to your accountant will help accurately confirm outgoing and incoming money. Check Stub Maker correctly withdraws the right amount of tax each time from your employees’ pay stubs. Peace of mind pay stub calculations help you reduce the burden you feel each payday.
  • Build-your-own professional check stubs: Our easy-to-use templates help you create a small business payroll stub you can feel proud of. These can be emailed to your employees or printed on normal paper every payday. Inputting the exemptions is simple, no more headaches when it comes to difficult calculations, our system automatically deducts the correct amounts for every, single pay stub.
  • Track YTD (year to date) numbers: Our templates not only calculate deductions perfectly, but also keep track of each employee’s YTD information on each pay stub. This not only helps the employee know what has been deducted, but helps your business stay on track.

Making your professional life easier

When it comes to reducing stress, simplifying office procedures and saving time, you need to implement as many business strategies as you can. Choosing an inexpensive, easy and quick way to create your small business payroll stubs will help you in each of these areas. Check Stub Maker is committed to helping our small business owners create easy-to-understand payroll stubs, thus simplifying your professional life dramatically. Our live customer support team will help answer all your questions any time of the day. We know business owners often work late hours trying to accomplish everything and we are dedicated to being there for you, no matter the time of day. Let Check Stub Maker help you with your small business payroll stubs, we look forward to helping you accomplish this necessary task easily, quickly and affordably.