Spending Too Much Time with Payroll? Learn How We Can Help

You run your own business. You know how much time and effort goes into payroll. Whether it is weekly or monthly, the paycheck stub needs to be 100% accurate which can take time out of other tasks that you need to complete. Spending too much time with payroll can be counter productive to the efficiency of your company. It wastes not only time, but money as well. You need a way to make that stress go away.

Check Stub Maker gives you the ability to easily generate your pay stubs. Simply input all the information required into our template, and our system will calculate the rest. Get rid of the headache that goes along with payroll. You can experience it for yourself by building your first sample check stub. To learn more about ways you will save money and time, continue reading below.

The average salary for payroll

You will be able to save money with our services. On average, an individual who works in payroll earns $45,280 a year. That does not include overtime, potential maintenance fees, healthcare, paid sick leave, etc. In some cases, the salary can be as upward as $66,816 a year, still not including those other factors once again.

As a small business owner, that is a hefty fee to make sure payroll is done correctly. By using our services, we give you the option to be your own payroll employee. We make it easy to generate your own check stubs in a quick and convenient way.

Tax codes

Tax codes across the United States change all the time. In the past 10 years, it is estimated that tax codes have been either revised or amended over 4,000 times. That means over the past 10 years, a tax code has been changed more than once per day somewhere in the U.S.

By utilizing our services, you don’t have to spend anymore time researching the current tax codes in your area. We are always up to date with current tax laws and incorporate that into the calculations on your check stub. Start saving precious time to use elsewhere at your company by generating your own paychecks.

Why wait? Try it out today

Utilizing this innovative technology will save your company money and time. Save money by taking care of payroll yourself. Our easy-to-use system makes the process of generating check stubs a breeze.

Save time by not getting bogged down worrying about what the current tax codes are. Our generator is always up to date on the current laws all employers need to follow. It would be our pleasure to help you reduce the stress that goes hand in hand with a stacked work load. With our low costs, we give you the ability to save money. You can experience it for yourself by building your first sample check stub. We will work for you, so you don’t have to work as hard. Try it out today!