Daily tasks at your place of business can easily stack up. When your designated responsibilities increase, so can your stress and anxiety levels. Finding ways to keep everything manageable before it gets out of hand is a healthy strategy to implement throughout your business.

Managers and employees alike can benefit from the practice of identifying areas throughout the business categorized as “time wasters.” Once targeted, you can research alternatives to discover better solutions or simply eliminate the problem area altogether. The following is reported as the most common time wasters at businesses across the U.S.

Excessive Meetings

Meetings can be an important part of any business. It helps you engage, set goals, train new techniques, and so on. However, according to a recent study, over 67% of employees across the nation believe that their work has too many meetings and that they interfere with their workload.

Before hosting a meeting, really think, is this necessary? If yes, try to keep it at thirty minutes or less. If you’re unsure, consider whether the presented information can be easily conducted over email or a group chat service like GroupMe/Telegram. Perhaps instead of having a meeting every day of the week, condense it into an every Monday morning routine.

If you are still unsure, the following are important topics that should be relayed through meetings so your employees stay on the same page:

  • Company Policy Changes (big changes in general)
  • Campaign Strategies
  • An Exchanging of Ideas
  • Recent Victories (For Morale)
  • Training
  • Collaboration

Topics that venture beyond these topics typically do not need to be addressed in a meeting setting.

Lack of Organization Tools

There is no excuse to not have the organization tools that help keep you and your employees running smoothly. In this modern era of advanced technology, there are countless options for software and equipment.

Without having seamless organizational tools, your employees will surely fall behind by wasting time and having to constantly check their responsibilities for the day. There are many options out there but we have found this list of the top organizational tools to be helpful.

Using Outdated Ways of Doing Business

Being stuck in “the olden days” and considering “the way it used to be done” as the only way to do business is a dangerous mindset. As an entrepreneur and businessperson, you need to always adapt to keep up with the market.

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