Tax season is a time that can be easily intimidating. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a reputation that oftentimes makes folks feel nervous around tax season. Inaccuracies and mistakes can send them into troubled waters that are difficult to swim out of. With the IRS being associated with audits, fines, and stress headaches, it is important that you utilize every tool possible to ensure that the information you are providing is free of errors.

Part of the tax filing process is making sure that everything you are reporting is 100% accurate. To help with that, Check Stub Maker enables you to generate accurate check stubs instantaneously. Our seamless paystub generator makes keeping track of payroll information less of a chore and more of a user-friendly experience.

Keep a 100% Accurate Record of Check Stubs

All the information you provide is instantly calculated and input into your very own custom-generated check stub. Check Stub Maker’s generator is like no other. By conveniently having everything you need in one spot, you can get the job done quickly and with ease.

Not only will your paystub be 100% accurate, but you will also experience these benefits as well:

  • All your revenue information is in one place
  • Greatly reduces errors
  • Relieves the stress of tax season
  • Deductions are always calculated with accuracy

All these factors will play into exactly how prepared you are for the upcoming tax season.

Always Up to Date Tax Codes

When keeping track of your earnings, you need to make sure that the deductions being taken out of your gross earnings are being properly calculated. Tax percentages vary from state to state and can change quite frequently.

Having a reliable paystub generator that deducts federal and state taxes instantly and accurately is an important tool. It guarantees that the earnings being reported to the IRS come tax season is free of errors.

Keep the IRS off your back by following these Check Stub Maker’s 4 simple steps:

  1. Enter your information – The check stub template requires very basic bits of information that are more than likely readily available to you. Simply fill in the boxes and it gets instantly uploaded to the template.
  2. Preview your check stub – Once the information has been entered, you can preview your check stub. You’ll notice that all state-specific tax deductions have been instantly calculated for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  3. Complete your order – After previewing and confirming your check stub, it’s time to confirm your order. Important to note, if you notice a mistake on your check stub(s) after completing your order, simply email us and we can correct it for you.
  4. Time to print – Your order of check stubs is instantly emailed to you and are all in an easy-to-print format that can work with any printer.

Start Making Your Check Stubs

We’ve helped thousands of individuals generate check stubs and keep track of their earnings. Try it out for yourself today and experience why our paystub generator is easing the burden of creating accurate check stubs.