With how prevalent the internet is in today’s society, online services have never been more plentiful. Websites, software, and programs have all become integral to running a successful business.

Once a tedious task, creating paystubs has been streamlined by Check Stub Maker’s check stub generator. It instantly calculates your paystubs based on the information you have provided. No longer spend more time than you should be creating paystubs. With our paystub maker, your check stubs will be ready to print in minutes while remaining accurate and affordable.

Continue reading to learn what makes Check Stub Maker the most accurate and affordable online paystub maker service.

Accurate Tax Deductions No Matter Where You’re Located

Check Stub Maker’s team is constantly on top of tax codes all across the United States. States change their tax codes more often than you think so it is important to always be up to date with what percentage to deduct on paystubs.

You don’t need to worry if your check stub tax deductions are accurate if you use our paystub maker. It automatically adjusts tax percentages based on your location so you don’t have to. After the information necessary for crafting the perfect check stub is submitted, you will instantly be able to preview it.

100% accurate tax deductions will ensure that your financials are properly prepared for tax season. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not take inaccuracies very well, so in order to avoid that and a potential audit, utilize the best online paystub maker.

4 Simple Steps to Make Your Paystub

Why spend more time than you should be manually creating your check stubs? Businesses often overlook that this part of the job can be simplified. By transitioning to using our online paystub maker, you can easily make your paystubs in four steps:

  1. Enter your information – The check stub template requires very basic bits of information that are more than likely readily available to you. Simply fill in the boxes and it gets instantly uploaded to the template.
  2. Preview your check stub – Once the information has been entered, you can preview your check stub. You’ll notice that all state-specific tax deductions have been instantly calculated for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  3. Complete your order – After previewing and confirming your check stub, it’s time to confirm your order. Important to note, if you notice a mistake on your check stub(s) after completing your order, simply email us and we can correct it for you.
  4. Time to print – Your order of check stubs is instantly emailed to you and are all in an easy-to-print format that can work with any printer.

Check stubs in under 5 minutes just by making the change to an online paystub maker.

Make the Online Paystub Transition Today

Whether you just need one paystub or a stack worth, Check Stub Maker’s intuitive paystub maker can help your business save money and time without sacrificing accuracy. Try it out for yourself by building your first paystub. Create your accurate and affordable paystubs today.