As a small business, efficiency is your best friend. Properly allocating tasks and resources to your team is key to achieving successful longevity. With small businesses being more at risk of failing, owners need any trick in the book to help see their small businesses not only turn a profit but also grow.

No matter what type of business you own, you will always need to create check stubs for your employees or yourself. Seems simple enough to do on your own, right? Well, it may be more challenging than anticipated.

All the information you have calculated needs to be 100% accurate. That means taxes are properly adjusted, deductions are made correctly, and the total amounts are right. But, using an online check stub generator, all those worries go out the window.

Saves Time

Time is just as important as money when it comes to small businesses. There is only so much of it in one day which means efficiency is key. Check Stub Maker saves you time in numerous ways.

  • Our calculator does not make mistakes
  • Every bit of information needed is easily inputted
  • You’ll have your paystub print-ready in less than a minute
  • An easy-to-follow check stub generation process
  • It automatically calculates taxes/deductions

Saves Money

As the saying goes, “time wasted is money spent.” Saving time is directly correlated with saving money. By not needing to devote an hour or two of the workday to create check stubs, it allows you to direct your attention elsewhere. Further, you aren’t paying an employee to spend hours generating paystubs.

Instead, money will be saved by utilizing a streamlined check stub calculator that ensures your paystubs are free of errors.

  1. Cost of labor is reduced
  2. Mistakes are less likely to occur
  3. Less time devoted to the task

By building your check stubs online, you are actively taking a step towards increasing the efficiency of your small business. You will witness time being saved and experience money being saved.

The Easy 4-Step Process

We’ve made creating check stubs as easy as possible for everyone. You can make your own paystubs in four simple steps:

  1. Enter your information – The check stub template requires very basic bits of information that are more than likely readily available to you. Simply fill in the boxes and it gets instantly uploaded to the template.
  2. Preview your check stub – Once the information has been entered, you can preview your check stub. You’ll notice that all state-specific tax deductions have been instantly calculated for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  3. Complete your order – After previewing and confirming your check stub, it’s time to confirm your order. Important to note, if you notice a mistake on your check stub(s) after completing your order, simply email us and we can correct it for you.
  4. Time to print – Your order of check stubs is instantly emailed to you and are all in an easy-to-print format that can work with any printer.

Generate a paystub today to experience why our check stub calculator is trusted by our customers and has been used to generate thousands of paystubs.