What does AWD NC on my check stub mean? Good question.

What does AWD NC on my check stub mean? Good question.

‘AWD NC’ on your check stub is short for ‘Automatic Withdrawal Non-Check’. AWD NCs are deductions from your check stub that you can arrange in advance before your final salary amount gets deposited into your bank account.

Join us at Check Stub Maker as we unravel the AWD NC enigma and make sense of those other confusing pay codes in relation to your check stub.

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What Is AWD NC?

As mentioned above, ‘Automatic Withdrawal Non-Check (AWD NC)’ refers to pre-arranged deductions from your salary before it’s deposited into your bank account.

These deductions are for various purposes, including:

  • contributions to a retirement savings plan
  • health insurance premiums
  • charitable donations

By utilizing the AWD NC mechanism, you can streamline your financial commitments, ensuring that specific amounts are allocated to designated purposes even before you receive your net pay.

Our research indicates that this simplifies financial management while ensuring timely and consistent contributions or payments to the chosen entities or accounts.

How Common Is AWD NC on Pay Stubs?

AWD NC is a pretty common feature on pay stubs that’s becoming increasingly prevalent nowadays. As financial management evolves and employees seek more streamlined ways to handle their earnings and commitments, AWD NC serves as a convenient tool. Let’s delve into its commonality and applications.

Prevalence In Modern Workplaces

AWD NC is especially common in modern workplaces that offer a variety of benefits or have diverse payroll configurations. Our findings show that AWD NC use continues to grow as companies strive to provide more personalized benefits and payment options to their employees.

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Examples Of AWD NC In Action

Here are some examples of how AWD NCs appear on paystubs:

Retirement Contributions

One of the most common uses of AWD NC is for retirement savings plans. You can opt to have a portion of your salary automatically directed to a 401(k) or a retirement account. This ensures consistent contributions and helps you take advantage of any employer-matching programs.

Health and Insurance Premiums

Many companies offer health, dental, or vision insurance where you, the employee, share the cost. Instead of you paying these premiums out-of-pocket, the amounts are deducted from your paycheck using AWD NC.

Charitable Donations

Some organizations collaborate with charities, allowing you to contribute directly from your salary. AWD NC facilitates these donations, ensuring the chosen charity receives funds regularly.

Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP)

Companies that offer ESPPs may use AWD NC to deduct the predetermined amount from your salary, which is then used to purchase company stock, often at a discounted rate.

Repayment Of Loans Or Advances

If you’ve taken a salary advance or loan from the company, repayments can be managed through AWD NC, ensuring timely and consistent payments.

The Benefits Of AWD NC

Based on our observations, the growing popularity of AWD NC can be attributed to its numerous advantages, such as:

Simplified Financial Management

Employees don’t need to remember multiple payment dates or manually transfer funds.


Regular deductions mean that contributions to retirement funds, insurance premiums, or loan repayments are never missed.


A clear record on the pay stub allows employees to track where their money is going and ensures there are no unexpected deductions.

AWD NC is renowned for its efficiency and the convenience it offers to both employers and employees. As financial commitments become more varied and complex, tools like AWD NC help streamline and simplify the payroll process.

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What To Do When I Have an AWD NC on My Pay Stub?

First off, don’t panic! If you have an ‘AWD NC’ on your pay stub, it’s just a notation. Think of it like when you receive a severance an on paystub. It’s an indication, not an error.

If you’re unsure about any deductions, always contact your HR department or chat with us at Check Stub Maker to learn about check stubs and payroll codes.

We can explain terms like ‘float pay stub translation‘ and show you how to create pay stubs. When it comes to your hard-earned money, we can ensure that you’re always in the know.


With our expert guide, you no longer need to be confused about what ‘AWD NC’ means on your check stub. Now, you can get right back to investing your hard earned money into your health and retirement, as well as giving back to your community.

Decoding pay stubs can be a journey, but it doesn’t have to be a solo one. At Check Stub Maker, we’ve been simplifying payroll since 2014. Whether you’re trying to understand AWD NC or any other payroll codes, we’re here to help – and do the math for you.

After all, our mission is to help you save time and money and make payroll a stress-free endeavor. So, the next time you’re puzzled by a term on your pay stub, remember – you’ve got a friend in Check Stub Maker!

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