Navigating the complexities of figuring out how to get pay stub if business closed old long time ago can be a daunting task.

Navigating the complexities of figuring out how to get pay stub if business closed old long time ago can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, our innovative paystub generator at Check Stub Maker offers a straightforward solution to this problem.

In this blog post, we’ll explore various methods and offer our expert payroll insights to help you obtain your last pay stub and even your last 5 months paystubs from a defunct employer.

Let’s dive in!

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How Can I Get a Copy of My Last Check Stub From a Closed Business?

Based on our first hand experience, there are three critical steps to take in order to get a copy of your last pay stub pay date or ending date from your previous employer, which is now a business that’s closed down.

1. Contact Human Resources

Initiating your quest for a previous income docs paystub from a defunct business begins with contacting its former human resources department.

Ex-HR staff or administrators can be invaluable in your search for old check stubs because their assistance could be the crucial link in retrieving your essential employment documents.

Based on our observations, persistence and clarity in your request can significantly enhance your chances of success in this regard.

2. Ask For An Employer Signed Letter

Let’s evaluate what getting an employer signed letter entails.

  • Paperwork: An employer signed letter should include details of your employment, such as the duration, position held, and salary. It serves as a formal acknowledgment of your employment and earnings, which can be crucial for your future financial transactions and obligations.
  • Other considerations: When requesting this letter, make sure it’s properly filled out and signed by a representative of your former employer. This document can be particularly useful for tax purposes or when applying for loans, as it provides a credible record of your past income.

3. Use An Online Check Stub Generator

For the best and most immediate and hassle-free pay stub online record, consider using a digital check stub generator like Check Stub Maker to retrieve your old paystubs.

Our platform is designed to create accurate and professional-looking pay stubs with ease. By inputting basic information like your company name, salary, and pay period, you can create paystubs in minutes.

Our investigation demonstrated that this is especially useful when other avenues aren’t available or too time-consuming for you when attempting to retrieve old paystubs.

View Pay Stubs From Closed Business FAQ

In this section, we’ll guide you through some common scenarios and how our services at Check Stub Maker can help you retrieve a paystub p from a former employer that’s closed down.

how do i get my w2 if company closed and don't have pay check stub

How Do I Save An Old Check Stub And Print It?

Digital copies of old check stubs can be stored in multiple formats, like PDF or JPEG. For printing, ensure you use a printer that can replicate the details clearly.

After putting it to the test, our check stub maker online platform allows you to create, preview, download, and print pay stubs with ease, ensuring you have copies of your check stubs whenever you need them.

What If I Cannot Access My Previous Job’s Online Portal?

If you’re unable to access your previous job’s online portal due to the business closing, you can reach out to your former colleagues or supervisors, who might have insights on alternative ways to access these records.

If this doesn’t yield results, our paystub creator can also help. By inputting your employment details into one of our customizable templates, you can recreate your pay stubs, thereby bypassing the need to utilize the original online payroll portal.

What If My Previous Employer Refuses To Give Me A Pay Stub?

If your previous employer is either unable or unwilling to provide you with a pay stub, it’s important to know your rights and possibly seek legal advice. This is especially helpful if you need your old pay stubs for critical reasons like tax filings or loan applications.

where to get paystub from company that has closed down

And when all else fails, Check Stub Maker is a reliable alternative.

Based on our observations, you can use our paystub generator to make paystubs that reflect your:

  • employment period
  • salary
  • any other relevant financial details

Whether it’s figuring out where to find period ending on pay stub, saving and printing an old stub, dealing with inaccessible online portals, or handling uncooperative former employers, we’re here to assure you that you always have convenient options at your disposal.


In this blog post, we’ve shown you how to get pay stub if business closed old long time ago in three easy steps, from contacting former HR departments, securing an employer-signed letter, and utilizing an efficient online tool like our pay stub generator at Check Stub Maker.

Now that you know exactly what to do, we encourage you to skip ahead to step 3 in the process and explore our services at Check Stub Maker right now.

Don’t let a closed business hinder your financial documentation needs; try our services today and get instant financial peace of mind!

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