Are you currently in the middle of accepting a new job offer and puzzled by a ‘new employer asking for pay stub'?

Are you currently in the middle of accepting a new job offer and puzzled by a ‘new employer asking for pay stub’?

Based on our first-hand experience, new employers requesting your pay stubs is a common payroll practice, even when asking for a paystub for cash payments.

It’s generally done to get an idea of what you earned at your previous employer as well as evaluating the nature of the work you did.

All of this is done to ultimately ensure that your new employer can offer you a competitive salary and that you have the requisite work experience to perform your duties at your prospective company.

In our upcoming article, we at Check Stub Maker will delve further into the rationale behind new employers needing your pay stubs, their legality, and the crucial role they play in income and employment verification.

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What this article covers:

Do New Employers Have the Right to View My Pay Stub?

Through our practical knowledge, new employers may request your pay stubs to verify your income history.

While it’s generally legal, it’s advisable to occasionally question the necessity and relevance of providing such documents.

What Happens Once I Have Accepted A Job Offer?

Once you’ve accepted a job offer, your new employer may ask you to provide them with various documents for HR and payroll purposes, including your old pay stubs.

This helps them with accurate payroll mechanisms going forward and verify the information provided during the hiring process.

What Do I Need To Give My New Employer?

These are the documents you typically have to give a new employer:

  • Pay Stubs: Be prepared to provide recent pay stubs upon request. You should also ensure that they accurately reflect your earnings and deductions.
  • Salary History: While not always required (it varies from state to state), some employers may ask for your salary history to gauge your market worth. You can choose to disclose this information voluntarily, but it’s essential to consider its relevance to the position.
  • Other Documentation: Depending on company policies, you may need to provide additional documents for onboarding, such as identification, tax forms, and banking details.

As experts in payroll documentation, we at Check Stub Maker understand the importance of these documents while looking for a job.

That’s why we offer digital tools to help you create pay stubs that are accurate and meet your employer’s hiring requirements, ensuring a smooth transition into your new professional role.

Why Would a New Employer Ask for a Pay Stub?

Employers often request pay stubs from new hires for several reasons.

Verification Of Salary

Drawing from our experience, reviewing pay stubs allows employers to verify the salary claimed by the candidate.

This confirmation ensures that the offered compensation aligns with the candidate’s previous earnings, promoting fairness and equity in the workplace.

Confirmation Of Employment

Additionally, pay stubs serve as evidence of past employment, validating the candidate’s work experience and tenure at previous companies.

This helps prospective employers with making informed hiring decisions based on the candidate’s career trajectory and stability.

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Assessment Of Deductions And Benefits

Employers also analyze pay stubs to assess deductions and benefits previously received by the candidate.

Understanding these details enables employers to tailor compensation packages and benefits offerings to meet the candidate’s needs and expectations in their new professional role.

By evaluating deductions such as taxes, insurance premiums, and retirement contributions, employers can comply with legal requirements and align work-related benefits with industry standards.

In short, requesting pay stubs allows employers to verify salary claims, confirm employment history, and assess deductions and benefits.

At Check Stub Maker, we understand the importance of transparent payroll documentation during a job search.

As such, our paystub maker empowers employers and candidates alike with precise calculations and review, facilitating smooth and impartial hiring processes from start to finish.

Can An Employer Ask for W-2s to Verify Your Income?

Employers can request W-2s to verify your income, but it’s not mandatory to provide them. Keep in mind though that refusing to provide W-2s might affect your job prospects.

While federal law doesn’t prohibit this, some states have regulations regarding salary information to safeguard employees and their right to privacy.

For instance, states like California and Oregon have a salary history ban in place to protect employees and promote wage equality.

How To Get A W-2 From A Previous Employer

There are a few ways of getting a W-2 from a former employer:

  • Contact HR: Reach out to your old employer’s HR department to ask for a copy of your W-2. They usually provide it upon request or through their online portal.
  • IRS Assistance: If you encounter difficulties, the IRS can assist by contacting your employer on your behalf to get the W-2.
  • Tax Return Transcript: If you can’t obtain your W-2, you can also supply your new employer with a tax return transcript from the IRS, which includes information about earnings previously reported by your previous employer.
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At Check Stub Maker, we believe in the importance of income verification in the hiring process.

After trying out this product, our pay stub generator can accurately recreate information related to your earnings and tax deductions to ensure compliance with legal regulations to make your job search as straightforward as possible.

How Do You Access a Pay Stub?

You can start with getting last pay stub by contacting your former employer and requesting that they either send it to you via mail (if they’re in paper form) or by giving you access to your previous payroll platform (if it’s electronic).

Alternatively, you can visit our platform, where you can easily make paystubs. Simply input your information, including earnings and deductions, and our system will generate a professional pay stub instantly.

Our investigation at Check Stub Maker demonstrated that this gives you quick access to accurate pay stubs anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need to rely on employers or payroll departments.

Should I Start Collecting My Old Pay Stubs?

It’s prudent to start collecting old pay stubs as soon as you have the opportunity to do so.

As per our expertise, they’re valuable financial records and also aid in various situations such as:

  • applying for loans
  • proving income rental agreements
  • resolving discrepancies with employers or tax authorities

Keeping a record of pay stubs helps you maintain organized and accurate records of your earnings in the long run.

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In this article, we’ve delved into the realm of employers requesting pay stubs by understanding its rationale and legal standing.

We also explored how this practice aids in income and employment verification, shedding light on its significance in the job market as well as discussed other relevant documents like W-2s that streamline this process.

Now that you have the knowledge, are you ready to simplify your financial systems?

With Check Stub Maker, our pay stub creator makes payroll hassle-free and keeps your focus on what truly matters – hiring exceptional talent that makes your brand and profit margins grow.

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