Are you wondering 'How do landlords verify pay stubs'? Understanding the verification of pay stubs to ensure that they're not fake is crucial for landlords during the lease agreement process.
Are you wondering ‘How do landlords verify pay stubs’? Understanding the verification of pay stubs to ensure that they’re not fake is crucial for landlords during the lease agreement process.

Drawing from our experience, this step ensures that potential tenants have stable and sufficient income to meet their rental obligations and don’t engage in fraudulent or criminal acts.

At Check Stub Maker, we specialize in payroll and offer tools like our pay stub creator to help streamline this verifiable task for property managers and lease applicants.

In this article, we’ll explore effective methods landlords can use to identify fraudulent pay stubs and the actions to take when faced with falsified paperwork.

Join us as we delve into these critical aspects, ensuring you’re equipped to protect your rental investments.

What this article covers:

10 Ways for Landlords to Spot Fake Pay Stubs

Here are ten essential ways for landlords to spot fake pay stubs in lease applications.

Table: Ways For Landlords To Spot Fake Pay Stubs

Criteria Example of Fake Pay Stub
Unprofessional Appearance With Typos And Spelling Errors
  • “manger” instead of “manager”
  • “receved” instead of “received”
Personal Information Is Inaccurate Or Inconsistent
  • Name on pay stub is “John Smith”, but ID shows “Jon Smythe”
Font Inconsistency And Misalignment
  • Different font types or sizes within the same document
  • Misaligned columns
O’s Used Instead Of Zeros
  • Pay stub lists salary as “5O,OOO” instead of “50,000”
Math Just Doesn’t Add Up
  • Gross pay minus deductions don’t equal the listed net pay
Inconsistent Payroll Periods And Varied Pay Dates
  • Pay stubs from the same tenant show pay periods ending on different days of the week
  • Varying lengths between pay periods
Numbers Are Perfectly Rounded To A Whole Number
  • All figures on the pay stub are rounded off
  • No cents shown
  • Examples include gross income of $3000 and net pay of $2500
Same Employer But With Different Pay Stub Formats Or Inconsistencies
  • Two stubs from the same employer within the same year have completely different formats
  • Also has no declared changes in payroll services
Lacks Basic Professional Details Often Seen On A Typical Pay Stub
  • Missing elements like employer’s address, or company logo that is usually present on official pay stubs
Lacks Typical Pay Stub Deductions
  • Lack of common tax withheld deductions or contributions
  • No federal or state tax deductions
  • No Social Security or Medicare contributions listed

1. Unprofessional Appearance With Typos And Spelling Errors

As per our expertise, genuine paystubs are typically error-free. These kinds of errors aren’t common in official documents generated by competent payroll systems like ours at Check Stub Maker.

When property managers come across pay stubs with typos, spelling mistakes, or any other unprofessional elements, it should immediately raise a red flag.

That’s why you should always scrutinize the paperwork for any unusual formatting or typographical errors.

2. Personal Information Is Inaccurate Or Inconsistent

It’s essential to confirm that the personal information on the pay stub matches other provided documents.

It should be a cause for concern when you find inconsistencies between the pay stub and other forms of identification in terms of:

  • names
  • addresses
  • Social Security numbers

After putting it to the test, our paystub generator ensures that all your details are consistent and verifiable to create a real ID pay stub, thereby reducing the likelihood of encountering discrepancies that often signify forgery.

3. Font Inconsistency And Misalignment

Genuine pay stubs from reliable payroll providers, like us at Check Stub Maker, feature consistent fonts and formatting throughout the document.

Just like how banks check paystubs, landlords should also do the same and be wary of pay stubs that exhibit irregular:

  • font types
  • sizes
  • misaligned text

Our investigation demonstrated that these are potential indicators of manipulation or alteration.

Ensuring uniformity in typography and layout can help property managers spot fake pay stubs and better safeguard their real estate interests.

4. O’s Used Instead Of Zeros

A common mistake in forged pay stubs is the use of the letter ‘O’ in place of zeros. This error can usually be spotted in sections detailing amounts or other numerical data.

Authentic pay stubs generated with us at Check Stub Maker ensure that these typographical errors are nonexistent, helping you consistently maintain professionalism and accuracy in your various transactions.

5. Math Just Doesn’t Add Up

Ensuring that all mathematical calculations on the pay stub are precise is crucial. If deductions, gross pay, and net pay don’t logically compute, this could indicate tampering.

After trying out this product, the built-in calculator in our paystub maker ensures that all numbers are crunched correctly, providing landlords and tenants alike with reliable paperwork for verification during the leasing application process.

6. Inconsistent Payroll Periods And Varied Pay Dates

Pay stubs should reflect consistent payroll periods and regular pay dates. If a pay stub shows irregular intervals or fluctuating pay dates, it could signal that the document has been manually altered.

With a reliable payroll service like ours at Check Stub Maker, you can expect consistency in payment schedules, which helps in verifying the legitimacy of pay stubs.

7. Numbers Are Perfectly Rounded To A Whole Number

When numbers on a pay stub are perfectly rounded to whole numbers, especially in the context of gross and net pay, it may signal fabrication.

Based on our first-hand experience, real earnings typically involve exact figures with cents attached, reflecting precise deductions and wages.

When you make paystubs with us at Check Stub Maker, we ensure that our generated pay stubs include these detailed, accurate calculations to help you maintain the authenticity of your payroll records.

8. Same Employer But With Different Pay Stub Formats Or Inconsistencies

Our research indicates that it’s unusual for the same employer to issue pay stubs in varying formats without any changes in payroll systems or providers.

If a tenant presents pay stubs that differ significantly in layout or design from the same employer, this inconsistency can be a telltale sign of forgery.

Rest assured, we always provide a consistent format with our check stubs, subsequently aiding landlords in distinguishing legitimate paperwork from potential counterfeits.

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9. Lacks Basic Professional Details Often Seen On A Typical Pay Stub

A genuine pay stub includes specific professional details like the employer’s name, address, and possibly the company’s logo. If these basic elements are missing, it might indicate that the pay stub has been fabricated.

When you create pay stubs with us, we’ll help you include all these necessary professional details at the top of our pay stub template to ensure its authenticity and professionalism.

10. Lacks Typical Pay Stub Deductions

Through our practical knowledge, real pay stubs show various deductions such as:

  • federal and state taxes
  • Medicare
  • Social Security
  • other benefits or retirement plan contributions

A lack of these typical deductions on a pay stub can be a strong indicator of forgery.

By using Check Stub Maker, building managers can confidently verify the authenticity of pay stubs presented by prospective tenants.

Our commitment is to support you in safeguarding your rental agreements and investments against potential fraud.

What Do I Do If a Pay Stub Is Fake?

There are a few things you can do as a landlord or building manager when you come across fake pay stubs during the leasing process.

Deny Lease Application

Based on our observations, the safest course of action overall is to deny the lease application. This decision is crucial to protect your property and ensure that all tenants meet the income verification standards honestly and accurately.

With our payroll services at Check Stub Maker, you can consistently maintain high integrity in tenant screening processes to ensure that you can trust the financial information presented by your applicants.

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Pursue Legal Damages

If a falsified paystub has led to financial loss or other legal violations, pursuing legal damages may be a viable option.

Consulting with a legal professional can help you understand your rights and the appropriate steps to take in such situations.

It’s essential to gather all evidence of the fraud, including the fake paystub and any communications related to its submission.

Our findings show that taking legal action not only addresses any personal losses but also helps deter future dishonesty by setting a precedent for future applicants about the consequences of submitting false information.

Handling fake pay stubs promptly and effectively ensures the integrity of your rental agreements and protects your property investment.

With our trusted paystub creator at your disposal, you can verify financial paperwork accurately, helping you make informed decisions about prospective tenants.

Do Landlords Verify Paystub FAQs

How Do I Show Proof Of Income Without Pay Stubs?

If you don’t have pay stubs, there are other documents you can use to show evidence of a salary:

  • Bank Statements: Bank statements are a common alternative, offering a detailed look at your financial history and stability.
  • Employer Letter: Another option is to provide a letter from your employer, detailing your salary and the terms of your employment.
  • Documents That Prove Self-Employment: For those who are self-employed, tax returns or profit and loss statements can serve as reliable proof of earnings.

At Check Stub Maker, we also suggest using our services to generate accurate and professional income paperwork that meets the needs of landlords and leasing agencies.

How Do I Show Proof Of Income For Rental Applications If I Get Paid In Cash?

Keeping a detailed record of income received through cash payments is an excellent starting point.

Through our trial and error, we discovered that you can document your earnings with a ledger or have your employer issue a signed letter confirming how much you earn in cash.

Additionally, depositing your money into a bank account and presenting bank statements as evidence can be a solid method.

Moreover, using a formal invoice system or Check Stub Maker’s tools to create verifiable paystubs reflecting your wages can also help solidify your financial standing in rental agreements.

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Can You Use Unemployment As Proof Of Income For An Apartment?

Unemployment benefits can be used as proof of earnings when renting an apartment.

You will need to provide your unemployment benefit statement as evidence though. This statement shows your monthly benefit amount and the duration of the benefits, offering clarity on your temporary income status.

We recommend ensuring that these documents are current and include all necessary details to be considered valid by a landlord or property manager.

Should You Reject Applicants Who Can’t Provide Proof Of Income For Rental Applications?

Rejecting applicants solely because they can’t provide traditional proof of wages might not be necessary or fair.

Our investigation demonstrated that it’s important to consider alternative forms of confirming income in this instance.

Each applicant’s situation is unique, and flexibility can help you find responsible tenants who might simply have non-traditional monetary sources.

At Check Stub Maker, we encourage landlords to review all possible paperwork and circumstances before making a decision, ensuring objectivity and adherence to all regulatory requirements.


In this guide, we’ve explored the crucial question of ‘How do landlords verify pay stubs?’ and shared essential tips on spotting forged pay stubs.

Knowing what to do when encountering these fraudulent documents is vital for protecting your rental investments.

For property managers looking for reliable payroll solutions, why not try us out? Our pay stub generator is designed to simplify your income verification processes efficiently and effectively.

Visit us at Check Stub Maker now and ensure that your screening process goes as smooth as possible!

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